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The YogaClub Guide to the Perfect Pair of Yoga Pants

Perfect Yoga Pants

If you look into the closet of nearly any woman out there, you are bound to find a few pairs of yoga pants. As the yoga pant trend holds strong and the athleisure industry grows, it is becoming easier than ever to find the perfect yoga pants for any woman. No matter your body type, fitness habits, or personal style, there is bound to be a pair of yoga pants that are made just for you.

But how can you find the right pair? After all, a growing industry means plenty of options, and sometimes deciding on the right choice can be overwhelming. That’s why YogaClub is here to help you narrow your search. With our simple suggestions, you will be able to find the pair of yoga pants that will quickly become your new favorite article of clothing:

Comfort is Key

There’s no question that yoga pants can make you look great (there’s a reason they’ve stayed in fashion so long, after all), but the most important thing is your comfort while wearing them. To make sure your pants fit just right, they should have an elastic waist and conform to you body shape. Also, consider the proper length for you; most yoga pants go past the knee, but capri pants as well as full-length pants are available for you to choose from. Find the look and feel that is best for you, and get ready to sport your yoga pants proudly.

Perfect Yoga Pants

Find The Right Fabric

Before you begin your yoga pants shopping spree, consider what your pants will be used for. The goal here is to determine which cuts, fits, and fabrics will best suit your purposes. Are you a runner? Do you frequent the local hot yoga class? Not only will you need a flexible material that allows for long strides and wide warrior poses, you’ll want something that wicks away the sweat.

However, if your yoga practice of choice involves slower, more restorative poses that don’t involve breaking a sweat, you might want to invest in a looser fitting pant with a cozier fabric. Even a nice pair of yoga sweatpants can be exactly what you need when you hit the mat after a stressful day.

Show Off Your Fashion Sense

We can’t talk about yoga pants without discussing “the look.” Fun and flashy prints are all the rage these days, with patterns that vary from geometric color blocks to adorable cartoon animals. Take this opportunity to find something that really speaks to your personality - after all, you don’t have workplace guidelines, fashion trends, or any other rules dictating your activewear, so anything goes. And these fabulous fashion statements aren’t just for working out; just ask all the celebrities who have been spotted wearing their yoga pants out and about.

Above all, the most important thing to remember when you are on the hunt for the perfect yoga pant is this: do what works for you. Whether you want a simple pair of black, knee-length leggings or a pair of long sweatpants emblazoned with pictures of nyan cat, the only thing that truly matters is how comfortable you feel. When you feel good, your confidence will soar!

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