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Amazing Quotes on Self Love

We live in the era of wellness — where everything we do, say, and think is centered around bettering ourselves. We want to exercise to be healthy. We want to take supplements and eat locally grown, non-GMO foods. We want to surround ourselves with like minded people that support our journeys through wellness, but one of the most essential aspects of wellness we need to draw more attention to is our sense of self love and self worth.

Everything we hope to become starts from within. We can eat well, have an active lifestyle, and be blooming in the eyes of others, but if we cannot first recognize our truest sense of worth and give love to ourselves, none of the other elements matter. Below are a few of my favorite quotes I turn to when I am in need of a reminder of just how important loving myself is.

“There will always be room for growth. I choose to love myself through the process.” -Danielle Doby

quotes about self love

We are constantly growing, learning and becoming in our own way, into the light of our greatness but that doesn’t mean we won’t fall down or make a few mistakes along the way. What is most important is that we trust the process of becoming and continue to basque in our own divinity because we are so worth every ounce of our own love, even when we’ve fallen—especially when we’ve fallen.

“Your self love is a medicine for the earth.” -Yung Pueblo

quotes about self love


We deserve our own love because we are worthy of that magical, inspiring, delicious gift. When we devote time to caring for ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually we are not only healing ourselves, but we are sharing that gift of healing with those around us.  Our self love illuminates the way for others to bravely turn inward also, seeking and accepting the gift of self love in their own journeys.  Unconditional love for ourselves gives us strength and confidence that ripples into the lives of others even in the smallest ways, and tiniest of encounters.

“Perhaps we should love ourselves so fiercely, that when others see us they know exactly how it should be done.” -Rudy Francisco

quotes about self love

The way we treat ourselves reverberates into the world around us. The way we carry ourselves, the way we talk about ourselves, the relationships we allow ourselves to endure, the path our thoughts take. These are all examples of how we need to get out of heads and into our hearts. We are worthy of feeling cared for and loved. We are deserving of patience and time and belief. When we can give ourselves compassion for where we are in our journey everything about our light and energy shifts. We carry ourselves in a different way. When we speak positively about ourselves, it builds confidence. We begin seeing ourselves as beautiful beings. And when we do this, we are teaching others to also see us in this same light. We are showing others just how worthy we are.

Self love is critical to our well being. It is the beginning of healing. Its as simple as sitting in the morning, reminding yourself to be soft and patient. We are constantly growing into ourselves- through changes and refinement- but along the way we always deserve to be reminded, especially by ourselves that we are enough just as we are. Believing this inspires others to seek self love too.

About the Author

Tiffany Blackham is a YogaClub Tribe Leader, avid yogi, mom of 3, health & wellness advocate and creator of stonefoxfeather- a line of healing delights. She loves sharing her insights and daily doses of inspiration on living a life full of passion, balance, and soulful exchanges. More about Tiffany and her company can be found on her website

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