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5 Ideas for Holiday Giving

You know that feeling you get when you give someone a wonderful gift? When their faces light up like all the warmth from the sun has just poured into their soul? It’s the time of year when gift giving is on everyone’s mind. Maybe you make lists of the people in your life you want to give presents to, or maybe you just know the perfect gift when you see it. Either way, it’s easier than ever to give gifts with a meaning or mission behind them.

Give a Gift that Gives Back

Here at YogaClub we work hard to give back to those in need.  It’s easy to gift someone a YogaClub subscription, with a beautiful new curated outfit for the yogi or fitness fiend in your life. But you’re not only giving your loved one a thoughtful gift; for every YogaClub box sold we donate one class to a child in need. These classes expose children to the healing power of yoga and mindfulness - lifelong practices that can change their lives!  More and more companies like YogaClub are working to increase their social consciousness factor by partnering with charities and organizations, donating a percentage of sales, or encouraging employees to volunteer their time. To give the gift of YogaClub Box this holiday season click here


Volunteer Together 

Another idea for the holiday season is to gather a group of friends and family to volunteer together.  There are all kinds of events and programs happening around the holidays to spread love and light to those in need, but also to encourage others to give back.  It’s as easy as contacting your local soup kitchen, food pantry, or maybe your church to find out when they need volunteers. There are also usually free holiday events that need volunteers during this time so be sure to check your community calendars too!

Reuse & Give Back

Why not reuse that bold pink YogaClub box to give a gift of clothing, toiletry items, or food to someone in need?  Pack a couple of your old boxes with some commonly needed items and pass them out during your week to anyone in need. You can even drop them off at shelters and have the staff there give them out.  What a great way to reuse and repurpose things your already have!

Share Your Time

Many of us spend lots of time with family during the holidays, but some people don’t have nearby family, or are no longer able to travel.  Add a visit to a local a senior center, group home, or a local hospital, and spend time with folks who have nowhere else to go during the holidays.  You could volunteer to help with their holiday meal or celebrations. If you’re a yoga teacher or have some other skill, offer to teach a class for the residents. Don’t forget the staff though; everyone working over the holidays deserves some extra love and light too!

Remember Our Furry Friends

Even though our furry friends can’t contextualize holidays, they are affected by them too.  Pets may seem like a fun gift to receive during the holidays, but for many people the responsibility of owning and caring for a pet doesn’t always make it into the initial plan. Sadly many pets are abandoned or dropped back off at shelters after the holiday season as people realize they can’t care for the animal.  This is a time when extra volunteers, donations of kennels, pet supplies and food are needed. If you love animals this is a great way to give back, and if you’re considering a pet as a gift, remember to consider the long-term responsibility.

Giving back shouldn’t stress you out. Take a look around and see what you can put together from what you already have, even if it’s just your time.  What can you think of to do this holiday season to give to others?

About the Author


Clarissa is an E-RYT® 200, RYT® 500, YACEP® teaching since 2014 and practicing since 2007.  She travels presenting at festivals, conferences, & leading retreats through @lightthesparkwithinretreats with her partner Erin @yogi.erun.  Their next retreat is Greece 2019! Clarissa teaches Vinyasa style classes with some Ashtanga influence and enjoys creating a variety of workshops and courses.  She has had a dedicated Ashtanga practice for over 5 years that has fueled her desire to learn and share the power of yoga with as many people as she can! Clarissa lives in Spearfish, South Dakota with her husband Wade and their rescue pup Inkling.  And she loves being a YogaClub Box Tribe leader and the favorite brands she’s received are, VIMMIA, Onzie, and Free People, though she can’t wait to try all the other brands!

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