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4 Reasons Why You Need Manduka Yoga Gear in Your Closet

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When you’re heading into your favorite yoga class, it goes without saying that you want to feel great about yourself from the moment you walk in. That means that dressing your best and having the most functional accessories will help you to stay on top of your yoga game in every session you attend!

Manduka yoga gear is one of our favorite brands to help you attain that confidence, whether you’re hitting the gym, at your favorite yoga studio, practicing in the comfort of your own home, or even when you’re out and about crushing the night scene with your girlfriends! Here’s some of the top reasons you need Manduka yoga gear and why we love filling your YogaClub box with this awesome brand!

#1. Stylish Clothing

Workout apparel doesn’t have to be bland and boring, and with Manduka’s yoga gear, you can feel great about your yoga fashion! Be the envy of other gym-goers as you sport a simple-yet-trendy crop top tank or a bold patterned sports bra. Whatever your style, Manduka has something that will complement your signature look!

While they have some comfy onesies perfect for any yoga position, our favorite Manduka pieces are the separates. Manduka’s yoga leggings include bold, unique prints and classics with a twist. We’re also obsessed with their Twist Back Tees that show off the strap design of your sports bra or tank top!

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#2. Durability

When you invest your money in apparel and yoga gear, you want to know you’re getting your money’s worth! Manduka’s products promise just that, as they’re made to be completely durable, which means that you’ll get the best bang for your buck.

This company stands behind their products, even offering a lifetime guarantee on almost all of their stellar yoga mats. Everything they sell is manufactured to be of the highest possible quality, allowing them to stand up to even the sweatiest Bikram yoga session as well as repeated washes and wears.

#3. Functionality

To speak to the functionality of the products, they’re all made with fabric that allows for quick drying, enhanced airflow, and stretchability that lets you easily move from one pose to the next. Because Manduka is a company built by yoga teachers and students, they know what people need and expect out of their yoga apparel and gear. That’s exactly what they deliver!

#4. Sustainability

Because we know you care about the environment, you’ll love how mindful Manduka is about the products they create and the process that they take to get to the end results. They started out with a commitment to reducing global consumption through their mission towards making better products that have longevity, and they remain invested in that mission today. Their yoga towels are made out of discarded plastic bottles and recycled poly yarn while their blocks are made from sustainable cork or post-consumer recycled EVA foam. Their focus on reducing their environmental footprint and their commitment to sustainability means that this is a brand you can feel proud to support, wear, and shop with!

While these perks of the brand are only some of the reasons that you need to stock your closet with all things Manduka, we think that these benefits are pretty hard to beat! It’s not everyday that you find a brand that is as well-rounded as this one: offering aesthetically pleasing products that are fully functional, fun to wear, and that you know will last you a long time to come. Take advantage of everything Manduka has to offer by trying their products through your YogaClub monthly subscription box and we have a feeling you’ll be absolutely hooked!

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