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4 Activities to Fuel Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

A common way to evaluate overall health and balance is to examine our mind, body, and spirit as well as connection between these factors. Each holds importance in our daily life, and if one of them is neglected, you’ll likely feel out of balance which can lead to stress, fatigue, and illness. As a Recreational Therapist, I want everyone to experience a high quality of life which includes a balance of these factors, all while enjoying the journey!

mind body and soul activities

The Mind

The mind controls our thought processes. There are many enjoyable activities that help strengthen our mind without strain. Some of these activities include word games, learning, puzzles, and reading. Incorporating these activities can be as simple as downloading an app, subscribing to a magazine or blog, or attending seminars related to your passions. The strength of the mind contributes to a healthy attention span and mental resiliency. It allows us to evaluate experiences, make plans, and set goals.

mind body and soul activities

The Body

Physical fitness and diet fuels our body strength. Our body is vital for completing daily tasks like cleanliness, movement, and nutrition. Building the skills of the body includes a balanced fitness routine, eating healthy foods and portions, as well as hygiene. A fitness routine doesn’t necessarily mean hitting the gym all the time; but instead finding outlets you love for physical fitness. Portioning food is key by enjoying your favorite junk foods in moderation and balancing them with healthy options. Cleanliness includes the body, work space, and environment. Keeping the body well fueled and active aides in balancing this factor of well being.

The Spirit

Spirit is a difficult topic to define because it really depends on individual perception. Our spirit is affected by our inner dialogue, emotions, judgments, and sense of self. All of our experiences evoke an emotion and ideally, the positive experiences should outweigh the negative. The best way to balance your spirit is by finding what you love and incorporating it into your life often while honoring personal values. Group associations, cultural experiences, and religious practices all contribute to our personal identity. Get to know yourself and discover what inspires your spiritual growth.

mind body and soul activities

Now that these factors have been described individually, here are a few examples of how to intertwine them.

  • Read: Reading is a fantastic way to utilize the mind while fueling the spirit. You’ll learn about topics that evoke positive emotions.
  • Meaningful Conversation: Our interpersonal relationships combine our thought processes with emotions.
  • Exercise: Endurance in physical activity requires the mind to think positively and balance emotions. Learning a new exercise is a great way to use the mind and connect mind and body functions.
  • Practice Yoga: The practice of yoga is a great way to balance your mind, body and spirit. Meditation allows the mind to clear and improve self awareness. Breath work leads to regulating the nervous system. Physical practice can balance other fitness routines or provide an outlet for physical movement and endurance. Yoga postures allow emotions stored in the body to be accessed and processed.

Take a few moments to reflect on the activities that fuel each of these for you. Mind. Body. Spirit. What can you incorporate on a regular basis to help balance these aspects? What can you do to build strength in the connections? What would balance feel like?

About the Author


Liz Creasman, CTRS, RYT-200, began taking yoga classes as a teenager seeking balance, peace and self-exploration in a busy schedule. The more she learned about yoga, the more she realized she had naturally used many of the practices and wanted to continue learning how to use them more effectively. Liz is a YogaClub ambassador and works at a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist at a residential treatment facility for adolescents who have experienced trauma. She often incorporates concepts of healthy emotional expression in classes through breath work, grounding and balance. When off the mat, Liz can be found enjoying Richmond with her loving husband and adorable beagle mix, cooking and baking, or expressing herself through art.

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