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10 Things to Make You Successful in 2018

This isn’t the time of year to create a “new” you. It’s the time of year to sharpen your gifts and build on the discipline and drive that’s already in you. Let’s make 2018 the best year yet!

Take 100% responsibility for creating what it is you want.

It’s no one else’s job to get you where you want to be or to make you happy. Reality check, I know. But let it settle in and it will empower you!

Stop blaming.

If you are over the age of 20, you can no longer blame your parents for your life. If you’re screwed up, go to a counselor, a retreat, church or yoga. You might’ve been dealt a crappy hand but those cards are in your hand and you have the power to make good out of them. ( empowering!)

Lose the self doubt.

You absolutely have to believe in yourself to achieve anything. My mama calls this “stinkin thinkin” and you have to get rid of it. Your words AND thoughts will either sabotage you or push you forward. Banish the words “I can’t.” Jack Canfield says every time you use the words ‘I can’t’, you disempower yourself. If you say “I can’t” or another self defeating sentence, recognize it, and quickly change it!

You’re not too old and you’re not too young.

I get it. We’re getting older. Our bodies are changing, time is running out, we forget things more often. BUT, you’ve got a job to do. And if you’re not doing it or if you’re not 100% satisfied with where you are in this life, then you can change it. If you woke up this morning to read this blog, then you’ve got time. Use it wisely. On the flip side of that, I have two daughters ages 14 and (almost) 9. They’re not too young. I pray everyday that they would recognize their gifts and talents and desires and start RIGHT NOW doing what they’ve been called to do in this life. 

Do something every single day that gets you closer to your goals.

Plan ahead. Create a schedule. Review your day the night before. Get up early! And do the thing you hate the most first thing! Don’t give yourself time to think about it. Go to the gym, make that phone call, send that email. Get it over with and move on to the next thing.



Set aside quiet time for reflection, self inquiry or prayer. This is a new one for me, but I hear all the ultra successful people do it AND i’m a yoga teacher so I probably should’ve been doing it a long time ago. Being intentional with a quiet time is essential to let your creativity flow. Envisioning where you want to be is a powerful tool to help you get there. See yourself reaching your goal. What is your facial expression like? How do you feel reaching it? If you want a new home, envision what it looks like and see yourself and your family living in it. I’ve been using the Insight timer app for FREE and do their guided meditations. Highly recommend it!

Do NOT indulge the naysayers.

The world is full of them, so guard your ears and your heart. Some people will discourage you because they’re consciously or unconsciously bitter that you’re pursuing your dreams and they aren’t. Sometimes those who discourage us, push us towards our goal because who doesn’t like proving people wrong? Some naysayers are just trying to protect us. We need someone to say “that’s a horrible idea” to the really horrible ideas. But if it’s something you KNOW isn’t, don’t take it personally and don’t listen. Just keep moving forward. Remember, both encouragers and discouragers serve a purpose. 

Don’t sweat the “competition.”

You were created for a very specific purpose. There are specific people you are supposed to impact. No one else can do what it is you’ve been called to do like you and no one else can impact the people that are on the receiving end of your purpose like you can. Because no one else has your skill set. No one else has your history, your experiences. And no one else has your personality. So there really is no competition. You do you and let everyone else, even if they’re in your field, do what they have been called to do.

Work like it depends on you and pray like it depends on God.

That’s a quote from Mark Batterson’s book, The Circle Maker. Work hard. Work REALLY hard. Work as if this whole dream depends on you. Get up early. Do the hard things. Don’t give up. And then pray. Pray like this whole thing depends on God. 

Find yourself a mentor.

Even if you have to pay them. You might get to that point in your career, where you just don’t know what else to do. You’re working hard, doing everything you know to do, but you’re not making the money you want, and you need some help. Get yourself a mentor. Someone who knows what their doing, someone with a proven track record, someone you trust and then do everything they tell you.

Take control of your life and look forward to your best year yet. You’ve got this!

About the Author

Bethany Smith has been practicing yoga for 10 years and teaching for 8.  She knew fairly quickly into her practice that she wanted to share this gift with the world.  She started the practice for the physical benefits and quickly realized that what this practice was doing for her on the outside, was doing the same on the inside.  She has received two 200-hr trainings, as well as 5Elements Flow training certified.  She is currently enrolled in her 500-hr training. If you are interested in getting into the practice of yoga, Bethany will be sending out her Beginner’s Yoga Series #BeginwithBethany at the end of December.  It will only go to those subscribed to her newsletter, so head on over to her website to sign up! 

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