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Why YogaClub is the Best Way to Find New Yoga Brands to Wear

yoga brands

Quality yoga clothes are an essential part of effective yoga practice. Without the right yoga pants, tops and gear it’s difficult to feel calm and comfortable through your classes, which makes it very challenging to get into the flow. Past disappointment, personal experience with ill fitting garments or shoddy construction or even seeing wardrobe malfunctions at the studio can make yogis reluctant to spend money on new gear.

Another challenge for women who are looking to expand their fitness wardrobe is cost. Many of the supposed “top” brands charge upwards of $100 for a single new item and that item might not up to your expectations when it comes to look, feel or function.

All isn’t lost for yogis who want to safely explore new brands or get their hands on the best quality gear, at the best prices: YogaClub takes the headaches out of finding the right yoga gear. A subscription to a YogaClub  allows you try new styles from multiple brands, with hassle free returns, so you can find the perfect outfits for your yoga practice.

YogaClub has partnered with the top brands to take guesswork out of finding the perfect yoga pants, tops and even outerwear to take you from the studio to the street. We give subscribers access to more than a dozen brands, all of which have outstanding reputations in terms of quality, style and sustainability. As a subscriber, you’ll also get the benefit of deep discounts on gear so you can find the perfect yoga clothes without breaking your budget.

Here are just a few of the brands you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy in your monthly yoga box:

FP Movement by Free People

Many yogis are aware of Free People, but not of their incredible selection of quality yoga pants and tops. Free People is known for their boho dresses, jackets, shoes and accessories, but what yogis may not know is that Free People’s FP Movement line delivers some of the cutest and most functional yoga clothes you’ll find.

And while the price tags of Free People gear in retail stores might be a little more than some yogis want to spend to try out a new brand, as a YogaClub subscriber you’ll get the insider’s  price, making Free People clothes worth every penny of your investment. 


Teeki is a brand that truly delivers on all fronts when it comes to quality yoga gear. Teeki yoga pants and tops are manufactured with movement in mind, which means these clothes will stand up to the rigors of even the toughest yoga workouts.

Teeki also cares about the world we live in. Their clothes are crafted from recycled materials, which help keeps waste out of landfills. When you pull on your Teeki yoga pants or top, you’ll not only feel great physically, you’ll also feel good because you are supporting a company with a conscience.

yoga brands

Glyder Apparel

Glyder designs clothing specifically for activity and adventure, for women who love to move and be active. Their crop tops and pants are not only beautiful to look at, they stand up under the pressure of just about any activity. When you pull on a top or pair of pants from Glyder, you are definitely free to move without fear of wardrobe failure or malfunction.


Who knows more about what makes a good yoga outfit than someone who’s been an avid practitioner for decades? Well, that’s exactly who’s behind the designs at Onzie, so you know these yoga pants and tops will deliver when it comes to fit, support and durability.

Onzie does all of their manufacturing in the US. So if you’re looking for a brand that is beautiful, built to last and that creates local jobs, Onzie should definitely be on your wish list.

Varley Clothing

While Varley Clothing preaches that performance comes first, their amazing line of activewear absolutely screams versatility. Varley not only creates some of the most durable yoga clothing available, they do it with the utmost style. Plus, what we love most about Varley, is that it’s run by a kickass CEO who grew her company to global status in less than two years. YogaClub offers you the opportunity to experiment with different cuts, fits, styles and brands at the lowest possible prices and with no risk. If you’ve been dying to expand your yoga wardrobe, there is no better way to do it than with a monthly subscription to a YogaClub fitness box.


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