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10 Reasons Why Yoga Pants are Better than Jeans

Yoga Pants are Better than Jeans

We know your wardrobe can be a constant source of stress. Some clothes look great in the dressing room, but disappoint the first time they come out of the closet. Some bunch and squeeze in all the wrong places! Others only look good in just the right situation. What is a girl to do?

Grabbing a pair of jeans has been a “go to” for women of all ages for what seems like an eternity, and while a great pair of jeans is invaluable - our beloved denim can have some serious limitations. This is why so many women have decided to ditch the denim for snug and comfy yoga pants!

You may not be ready to replace all your Levis with yoga pants yet, but after reading these 10 reasons that yoga pants are better than your favorite jeans in almost every way, you may just reconsider.

Yoga Pants are Better than Jeans


Don’t get us wrong, a well broken-in pair of jeans can be comfortable - but no pair of jeans, no matter how well worn, will ever be as comfortable as a pair of yoga pants. That’s just a fact!

Yoga pants don’t ride up, they don’t bind and they are literally built to move in. No matter what the situation (standing, sitting, laying down, walking running, jumping…) yoga pants are ready to be the most comfortable attire for the job.

Yoga Pants are Better than Jeans


It’s obvious the studio is where you need to move most, but there are tons of times outside of the gym where you need a little extra wiggle room. It doesn't matter if you are climbing the 7 flights of stairs at your apartment complex, doing housework, taking a bike ride, or out walking the dog - yoga pants hug your body, so you’re free to move any way you want! Yoga pants are built for activity, so of course they’re going to be the best during the active moments of your day.

Yoga Pants are Better than Jeans

No Restrictions

You might think that your favorite jeans are comfortable - but just wait until you try to sit crossed legged on the floor or curl up on the couch to get some rest. Jeans simply aren’t made with flexible movement in mind, and skirts are just begging for an embarrassing accident!

You’ll never experience these problems in a good pair of yoga pants. Your yoga pants not only allow for a full range of motion in every direction but, unlike your favorite short shorts or skirt, they also keep you covered while you move, so you don’t have to worry about any accidental wardrobe malfunctions.

Yoga Pants are Better than Jeans

No Extra Gear Required for Closure

Jeans have buttons and zippers that can pinch and dig into you when you’re trying to do simple things like sitting or bending over (especially during “that time of the month,” you know what we mean). And if you need to wear a belt, the buckle makes it even worse!

Buttons and zippers are more pain than they’re worth - zippers get stuck, buttons begin to rip through denim, and this usually happens at the worst possible time, like after a trip to the restroom while you are out on the town and far away from a needle and thread!

A popped button or stuck zipper can create a seriously embarrassing situation and render your “go to” outfit temporarily useless.

Yoga pants just fit well, plain and simple, with no additional closures or accessories required!

Yoga Pants are Better than Jeans

Perfect Fit All the Time

Speaking of “that time of the month” - your period can be a real nightmare when it comes to clothing. Nothing fits well, nothing feels comfortable, and in some cases you’re too bloated to even get into your favorite pair of jeans. A good pair of yoga pants completely changes all that!

Even though yoga pants give the appearance of being skin tight, they actually have tremendous give. If you’re carrying extra water or feeling all bloated up, your yoga pants will be there for you. Plus they’ll still look outrageously comfortable and super cute - which is exactly what you need from your outfit to get you through those rough times.

Yoga Pants are Better than Jeans


A pair of designer jeans may look good, but they can cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars! Who wants to pay that much for a pair of pants?

You can often get your hands on multiple pairs of yoga pants, in different colors, for the cost of a single pair of jeans. That means you can skip one pair of jeans and redo your whole wardrobe with yoga pants! We’re just saying, you won’t break the bank.

Yoga Pants are Better than Jeans

Space Savings

Even if you could afford several new pairs of jeans, where would you put them? Jeans take up a ton of room in dresser drawers and closets, while yoga pants can be folded or rolled down into a tiny package.

Yoga pants are the perfect addition to your wardrobe that take up almost none of that valuable dresser real estate, which leaves plenty of room for more cute outfits!

Yoga Pants are Better than Jeans


With most clothes you have to change between the office and going out dancing. Why not get a single piece of clothing that works well in just about every situation.?

Yoga pants are obviously great in the gym (it’s what they were designed for), but that is literally just the beginning!

Yoga pants can quickly slip on and off when you’re trying on fab outfits on a shopping trip.

They’re perfect for the movies or a show where you’ll be sitting for several hours and want to be comfortable.

They can dress up for work and then easily dress down for the weekend. And flexible, stretchable yoga pants are perfect for dancing the night away!

They are so comfortable that they can even be the perfect pair of sleeping pants when you don’t have, or are too lazy to look for, your PJs.

Yoga Pants are Better than Jeans

They’re Fashionable

Yoga pants come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can mix and match with your favorite tops and accessories to create the ideal look.  Jeans, shorts, and skirts all have a place in your wardrobe, but all also have their limitations when it comes to fashion versatility.

Yoga pants look great when paired with boots, flats, sneakers, flip flops, and just about any top that you’ve got in your closet!

Add a button up shirt over your tank top and you can go right from the gym to brunch or shopping.

Add a long shirt and you’ve got a cute and comfy outfit for the office. Pull on a pair of boots and you’re ready to strut your stuff for a night on the town.

Yoga Pants are Better than Jeans

They Improve Your Look

Appearance may not be everything, but what woman doesn’t want to look and feel good. Yoga pants accentuate your curves like no other pair of pants out there.

Simply sliding into a pair of yoga pants slims your waist, hips, and thighs and they really have a way of making your booty pop (even if you don’t have much of a butt in other pants or shorts). If you need an outfit that is really comfortable, but that still makes you look good- yoga pants are there for you!

There aren’t a whole lot of garments out there that can go from the gym to the office to the dance floor without alteration. Yoga pants can do all that and more (including serving as the most comfortable lounging pants you’ve ever put on).

Whether you are a yoga fanatic who practices every single day, or you spend more time in line at the supermarket than you do on the yoga mat - you need to have a few quality pairs of yoga pants in your wardrobe! So trust us, toss out the jeans and bring in the yoga pants - you’ll thank us later!

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