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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Yoga Apparel

When you’re trying to dress for success in the yoga studio, there are a myriad of options out there. So many, in fact, that it can be tough to choose exactly what will be the most flattering, the best quality, and what will be the most comfortable for you, allowing you to perform your best on the mat. But not to worry, we’ve done the leg work for you! Keep reading for a comprehensive guide to the best yoga apparel on the market.

The Best Fabrics:

Believe it or not, the fabric your yoga digs are made out of can affect your performance and how comfortable you are wearing them. It can also be the difference between a long-lasting (and well-loved!) piece of clothing and one that ends up in the trash after a few washes. We explore our go-to fabric choices here.


We love bamboo fabric specifically for yoga gear for a few reasons. First, it’s very breathable, which makes it ideal to wear during any workout. Next, it has a very soft texture that you and your skin will love to wear. It also is known to repel odor and regulate your body temperature. Finally, it offers SPF protection, meaning it’s the all-around perfect choice to wear during your yoga session at the park.


This stretchy fabric packs some serious punch when it comes to being ideal for yoga clothing. First, it is moisture wicking and boasts a soft-to-the-touch feel. It’s also fast drying and mildew resistant, which are both major pluses. What we love most about this fabric for yoga specifically is that it stretches and moves with your body, never losing it’s shape - meaning it can stand up to any pose.


Does anything scream workout as loudly as a piece of spandex apparel? We didn’t think so. And for good reason! Spandex is endlessly stretchy, known for expanding to 600 percent of its size. It also guarantees a full range of motion, making it ideal for yoga class. Other perks of this fabric include being moisture wicking, fast drying, and diminishing the chances of chafing. Most of all, it’s super comfortable and durable over time, making it the perfect addition to your gym wardrobe.

best yoga apparel

The Best Brands

Alo Yoga

This brand boasts high quality yoga apparel that is not only made for maximum performance, but that is also in line with the latest trends. Based out of Los Angeles, California, the brand is backed by yoga enthusiasts who put every piece of clothing to the ultimate test to ensure that it is a great match for any yoga class.

Lily Lotus

With their brightly colored pieces and fabulous designs, Lily Lotus offers some of the best yoga apparel on the market. The clothing performs well on the mat and is also comfortable and stylish, allowing any woman to transition from the studio to her daily errands with ease - and without having to bother with an outfit change!


For those who are passionate about yoga and care about the impact they’re leaving on the world, this particular brand can’t be beat. The company maintains a commitment to sustainability and community and all of the fabrics used are not only organic but are manufactured using minimal toxins and chemicals. Now that’s a brand we can get behind!

best yoga apparel

Best Yoga Apparel Tips

Wearing yoga apparel has become acceptable not only in the studio, but outside of it as well. To help you style your perfect workout look (regardless of whether you’re hitting the mat or not), we’ve compiled a few expert tips.

Wear form-fitting tops

Yoga is not the spot for loose and flowy tops. Because of the wide ranges of movement involved in the practice and the tendency to be bent over, tight fitting tops ensure that you don’t end up over-exposed.

Avoid shorts

Wearing full length or capri length yoga pants or leggings is the way to go in class. Shorts are likely to end up riding up or being quite uncomfortable!

Wear thin layers

You won’t want to wear something heavy and thick to yoga class, and it’ll make it hard to move and it’ll make you way too hot. Thin and flexible layers guarantee that you’ll stay cool and dry while having maximum movement abilities.

There you have it! A full guide to what to wear to yoga class along with what not to. What’s your favorite go-to yoga apparel?

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