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Where To Buy Eco-Friendly Discount Yoga Apparel

Did you know there’s a way to be eco-friendly even when you are shopping for yoga apparel? That’s right! Unfortunately, organic and eco-friendly apparel can carry a hefty price tag. That’s why it’s important to shop for deals and discounts when looking for the best in eco-friendly fabrics.

How Does Clothing Affect the Environment?

The clothing we make, wear, and dispose of leaves a larger ecological footprint than most people are aware of.  Fibers are produced from plants and animals, all of which need to be grown and nourished, leading to pesticide and fertilizer use as well as waste disposal.  From there the clothing is assembled in an industry that is notoriously bad to its workers.  Then it might have to be shipped across the country to stores, where it is bought by consumers.  These consumers may use it till it falls apart, but most will dispose of it when it is out of style, usually by throwing it away to be buried in a landfill or burned in an incinerator.

What Makes Clothing Sustainable?

Sustainable clothing can be assembled in a lot of different ways.  Using natural fibers such as cotton, hemp, or soy is a great start, but only the beginning.  Fair labor practices toward the people picking the fibers as well as the people producing the cloth and sewing it into clothing is also an important sustainable practice.  

Some cloth is coated in chemicals to make it more water-resistant or flame-retardant, but these chemicals can pollute the atmosphere.  Using clothing long-term or giving it away for others to reuse is much better than throwing it away; even biodegradable clothing can pollute the air and the ocean if it is being incinerated or floating around as ocean debris!

Brands that Sell Eco-Friendly Apparel

Many people are surprised to hear that their favorite maker of yoga accessories also makes clothing, but Manduka’s line of top yoga gear is the same high quality as their other products!  Featuring sustainable, eco-friendly clothing, Manduka makes the effort to ensure their clothing and accessories are sustainable and produced in ways that reduce their carbon footprint enormously.  Where possible, they reach out to other companies with the same eco-sensibility.

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