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Using Yoga & Meditation for Recovery

Yoga and meditation is more than just a fad, it’s a transformational tool. Take it from me, I used yoga, meditation, and a healthy diet to pull myself out of a dark place in my life. Anorexia Nervosa had a strong hold on my self-conscious mind — I was depressed and talked myself into thinking that I was worthless. I was able to use healthy tools to regain my strength and confidence.

This is my story.

benefits of yoga

How I Got There

My anorexia didn’t happen all at once, I also didn’t intend to be anorexic. For many years, I participated in a local ballet group. There’s always a stereotypical image that comes along with being a ballerina — you have to be tall and thin. And in a group setting, this mentality can become toxic. But my disease didn’t begin until after I moved away and stopped dancing.

I moved in the middle of a semester in college and everyone had already made their friends. Leaving my social life behind put me into a depression. I didn’t think I was good enough to go out and I started gaining weight. Perhaps it was the fact that I had this “Ballerina Image” pounded in my head for years, but when I looked at pictures of when I was dancing vs. while I wasn’t, I felt disgusted with myself.

My mind kept telling myself that I didn’t need to eat and that if I did, I’d gain weight and hate the way I look again. I started out by skipping breakfast, then gradually it became an apple for dinner as well. Eventually, I cut out all major meals, just nibbling on a few things throughout the day. I lost 20 pounds in just four weeks.

benefits of yoga

How I used Yoga and Meditation To Recover

Like any other self-esteem burier, I was afraid to ask for help and decided one day that I had to do something and help myself. I felt too self conscious to go to a gym, so I scratched that off the list. That’s when I realized that I could do yoga in the comfort of my own home, without fear of people looking at me. Not only this, but I had read some research about others who had the same issues as me and meditation helped them out of their despairing thoughts.

After almost a year of practicing, I have been able to gain all my weight back, plus a healthy few pounds of muscle. Not only has my body become healthier, but meditation has helped me become more in tune with what my body wants and needs.

What I’m Up to Now

My dream is to help others who are afraid to ask for help and are struggling like I was — alone and afraid. By helping others understand and utilize yoga, like I have, I hope more people can conquer their issues with self-esteem and depression. I want to show others that yoga and meditation has helped me achieve a higher level of self-esteem than ever before.

benefits of yoga

How YogaClub Has Made a Difference

During my journey of discovering meditation and yoga, I also found YogaClub. I joined YogaClub to get a few new clothes, but I found so much more — confidence and an amazing community. With my YogaClub Guru membership, I get brand name activewear every single month! I love discovering new brands like Teeki, Columbia, and Free People. Who doesn’t want new, self-boosting leggings, excitingly trendy sports bras, and a beautiful shirt to either work out in or flaunt throughout your day?

And for me, the best part about YogaClub is that for every box purchased, a class is provided to youngsters to bring yoga into their lives. Yoga and meditation has been so beneficial for me — I can only imagine the difference it would have made if I’d had it in my life as a child. So, if you’re looking to find increased confidence and make a difference, try YogaClub!

About the Author

Lena Hall lives in a small town in Indiana, smaller than any town you can imagine. Yoga is her hobby and release from the relentless forty-hour a week money maker. She joined YogaClub and very quickly decided that she wanted to represent what YogaClub represents. As a YogaClub ambassador, her goal is to spread the love of yoga and positive thinking. You can find Lena on Instagram and Facebook at @yogiclublove.

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