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The Best Yoga Bikram Retreats for a Summer Vacation

yoga bikram

As you’re planning a getaway this summer, we know that you have a lot of options to consider. If you’re a yoga fanatic, you should consider a Bikram Yoga retreat. You probably realize and appreciate how recharged, refreshed, and revitalized you feel after a hot yoga session, so why not channel that same energy to a higher degree, spending days immersing yourself in the practice of Bikram?

Sometimes referred to as the “original” hot yoga style, this specialized practice consists of a class featuring a predetermined set of 26 poses and two breathing techniques in a room that is 105 degrees. The practice offers many physical and mental benefits, ranging from detoxifying the body to relieving stress. Because it makes you feel great and is fun to do, we have curated a list of the best Bikram retreats to indulge in this season!

Casa Om

Located 16 miles south of Cancun, Mexico, Casa Om has a lot to offer when it comes to yoga Bikram retreats. Founded upon the belief that humans are in essence spiritual beings, this property was designed for hot yoga, making it a perfect place for the occasion. Enjoy hitting the mat on the beach as you listen to the gentle rhythm of the ocean waves, as the retreats feature regular yoga classes outdoors to supplement the Bikram practiced inside the facility’s hot room. When you’re not practicing poses with the Bikram certified instructors, you can enjoy the beach, snorkel at the reef, or get massages. This is a tropical retreat you’re sure to love, leaving feeling totally relaxed and at peace (and maybe even sunkissed!).

yoga bikram


Head to the South of France to indulge in the ultimate Bikram retreat this summer. Here, you will learn to harness energy in a productive manner, improve your form through workshops and photo analysis, and concentrate and focus within healing boundaries. The instructors are world renowned, accommodating students of any skill level. The classes center around achieving a balance of determination and patience as well as self empowerment, making it a great opportunity to focus on yourself. The setting is a serene area in the South of France, with each guest staying in a boutique hotel-like villa that will provide them with comfort and privacy.

True North

If you’re looking to stay in the U.S. for your getaway, visit the “Green Mountain State” of Vermont and stay at Killington to practice Bikram. Surrounded by natural beauty, you will love being able to work with True North to plan a custom retreat with a small group of family or friends. Alternatively, you can join a pre-scheduled event if you’re flying solo. The unmatched personal connections between staff and guests will leave you feeling truly recharged, and their organic and vegan food served by their very own True Kitchen is a great perk of the venue. The retreats here focus on your wellness as a whole and the yoga sessions are paired with outdoor hiking adventures as well as other activities to give you the most enjoyment and bang for your buck.

yoga bikram

If you’re looking to enhance your practice of yoga Bikram, this is the perfect way to spend a summer vacation - regardless of the venue or location you choose. Do something that your body and mind will thank you for by enjoying a yoga Bikram retreat that will leave you feeling centered and relaxed. That’s what vacations are all about and we know that you’ll love this unforgettable experience!

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