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Summer Style Guide: How to Take Yoga-Style Clothing from Spring to Summer

Summer is coming, and with it comes summer fashions! With athleisure apparel coming more in vogue this season, yoga clothing can be worn at home, on the go, and sometimes even to work!

The trends for 2017 find their roots in 2016 styles. These included gorgeous prints and comfortable cuts that saw the beginning of the athleisure wear trend. Athleisure apparel is athletic wear that people wear for more than simply a workout. Athleisure wear might be worn out shopping or around town. More recent trends even have athleisure wear for the office! This is good news for stylish yogis, who can show off their fashion sense both in and out of the studio. Here are a few of the hottest trends to look forward to this summer.

Crop Tops

Cute crop tops matched with high-waisted pants are a trend from last year that is still going strong. A crop top is like a combination bra and shirt, so wearing one to the park or beach this summer is likely to keep you cool as well as offer athletic support. Mix and match stylish colors with your favorite pants for a chic look that is entirely yours!

Cut Outs

Another fashion must that has continued to be popular is cut-outs. Also known as “shredding” or “slits,” these are gill-like cuts in the design of the fabric. Offering not just some ventilation but also a sexy look, cut outs are taking yoga and activewear to the club and on the town!

Bold Prints

Last year saw prints in muted colors make their appearance, but this year the colors are bolder and brighter! Flowers, paisleys, and bright designs are taking us away from those boring one-color yoga pants we are all used to. If muted colors are more your style, there are still prints and camos to give your workout a bit of flair. These prints are so pretty, you won’t want to confine them to the studio!

Futuristic Fabrics

We know about technology like our cell phones, computers, and TVs, but technology also affects textiles. With advances in fabric techniques being developed, this year is looking exciting for athletic wear. Fabrics that absorb sweat, fabrics that are practically waterproof, and even fabrics that change color are helping make athleisure wear wearable all over.


Bras are a thing of the past this summer, and where crop tops aren’t the choice, yogis are choosing bralets. This fashionable attire can be worn alone or with something else, making it versatile enough to be work in the office and on the town, as well as at the gym or studio.

Body Suits

Athleisure wear is made with a main theme in mind - pragmaticism. These clothes are designed to be comfortable and look good while doing it. To that end, bodysuits - yes, unitards - are making a comeback this season all over the yoga mat. The easy movement they allow is perfect for the yoga mat or a run on the beach. Or throw on a jacket or a shawl and catch a movie or some coffee.

Mix and match any of these styles for a look that’s great for you this summer! A nice crop top with leggings, or a bralet, shirt and print pants will make sure you look gorgeous this season. Since athleisure wear isn’t just for working out, you can show off your awesome yoga clothes almost everywhere!

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