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Quick and Easy Yoga for Stomach Issues and Digestive Health Flow

We’ve all been there before—you know, the days when you feel super bloated or just uncomfortable in the gut? Maybe you’ve eaten or drank too much, or perhaps you’re feeling slightly under the weather. Whatever it may be, if you’re looking to ease your stomach discomfort, then you’re in the right place.

By simply doing some yoga poses to relieve bloating, like twists and compression movements, you can massage the intestinal tract, helping ease stomach discomfort, constipation and gas. Next time your tummy isn’t feeling its absolute best, give this gentle yoga for stomach issues sequence a try. 

Easy Seat Pranayama 

yoga for digestive health

Start in a nice comfortable seated position. If you’re starting this practice feeling hard on yourself, try to shift into a space of gratitude. Sit up nice and tall, and begin with a long and controlled deep breath. Lengthen through the neck, relax your shoulders and release any tension in your stomach. Continue to breathe deeply and start moving in slow circles. Focusing on your breath, welcome a sense of calmness and relaxation. 


Seated Cat/Cows

yoga for digestive health

This position is about moving in slow circles in accordance with your breath. Start with an inhale and move your chest to the right in a circle. After reaching the center, finish the circle on an exhale and come back to your original position. Moving very slowly, inhale come forward; exhale move around and back. Continue going to the right for five rounds, then do the same on the left side for another five rounds. Upon completion, bring the hands together at your heart and bow your head on an inhale. Feel the deep stretch in the back of the neck. 


Seated Side Bends 

yoga for digestive health

Staying seated, place your left hand on the ground outward from your left hip. Raise your right arm and float your fingertips over head, stretching the right side of your body. Switch sides. Alternate back and forth for five round on each side. Try to keep the belly soft and the breath full. 


Seated Twist

yoga for stomach issues

In the same seated position, inhale and lengthen the spine nice and tall. Then, exhale and twist to the right, placing your right hand behind your back and your left hand on your right knee. Breathe down into the belly, calming any stress or anxiety. Take three deep breaths on this side. Remember to sit up tall by lengthening the spine. Then, with ease, come back to center and take a twist on the left side for three deep breaths. 


Wind-Relieving Pose 

yoga for stomach issues

Lying on your back, bring both of your knees into the chest. Wrap your arms around your legs like you’re giving yourself a big hug. Hold onto your right knee while sending your left leg out to the floor. Squeeze your right knee into your chest and hold while breathing deeply. On an exhale, slowly bring your nose up to your knee. Continue to breathe while relaxing the face. On the next exhalation, release your head back to the ground, then bring your left leg back to the chest and hug your knees. Inhale, then exhale, switching sides and bringing your right leg to the floor. Repeat the same motion as on the previous side. 


Supine Twist

yoga for stomach issues

Remaining on your back, bring your legs back into your chest. Keeping your spine against the floor, take the knees over to the left and open your arms to cactus. Turn your head to the right and close your eyes, continuing to breathe deeply into your belly. On an inhale, bring your legs back to center and take the same pose onto the other side. When you’re ready, come back to center. 


Corpse Pose

yoga for stomach issues

Lay completely on your back and breathe deeply to relax your entire body. Let your breath take you to a state of peaceful calmness. Take some time for yourself here by spending five minutes in this meditative position. To maximize your comfort, cover yourself in a blanket at the beginning of this pose to reach a heightened state of relaxation. Stay in this position for as long as you like.  

This short and sweet sequence encompasses the necessities of yoga for digestive system health. Next time you feel bloated or uneasy in your gut, try adding this sequence into your at home yoga routine to encourage movement in your digestive organs. Feel free to play around with the sequence, repeating the seated yoga positions (1-4) and laying poses (6-7) before moving to corpse pose.

Digestive discomfort happens to us all, but ten minutes of stomach cleansing yoga can help tremendously ease those symptoms. Next time you’re feeling bloated or under the weather, this yoga for digestion sequence will surely get your digestive organs moving, making you feel a bit lighter and way more comfortable.

About the Author

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Certified holistic health coach and registered yoga teacher, Amanda Parry helps women transform and nourish their mind, body and spirit so they have the energy and vibrant health necessary to finally start living a life full of freedom, purpose and abundance. Former marketing executive, Amanda turned to practicing yoga to help her stress levels, relax her body and mind and make her relationships richer. Amanda pushes her clients and students to take their health and well-being into their own hands, guiding them on the path to becoming their best and most true self.

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