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Too Busy for Yoga? Try it Online!

The benefits of practicing yoga are plentiful, potent, and undeniable. There are numerous physical benefits, such as the strengthening of bone structure, spinal health, and the circulatory, nervous, and immune systems. Mental and emotional benefits include an increase in levels of happiness, focus, and memory. These mentioned merely scratch the surface of ways yoga has the potential to improve one's quality of life. While this knowledge is becoming more and more known throughout the world, there still remain barriers to people making a yoga practice part of their life and a lack of time is often the biggest obstacle.  

at home yoga routine

Many find themselves too busy for yoga. Fortunately, technology and the internet continues to help break down some of these time barriers to learning and practicing yoga, and makes it possible for more people to add this powerful practice into their routine. is essentially a 24/7 online yoga studio of high-quality instruction and teachers, with a variety of styles, class durations, and programs (program examples include: Beginner Yoga 101Heal Your Back Pain, and Yoga for New Moms). 

Practicing yoga online helps create time for people to fit practicing yoga into their lives. For many, going to a yoga class entails scheduling their day around a specific time for class (of limited choice), getting ready, commuting to a studio, showering and changing afterwards, and commuting home. Simply put, going to one yoga class can be a commitment of several hours. Adding this commitment to someone's routine 2-7 times a week is not realistic for many. This is where the freedom to pick any class, at any time of day, makes it ideal for those with full schedules. While studios are mostly limited to 60-90 minute class time commitments, online, you can choose classes that range in length from 5-90 minutes, depending on what you want and have time for. Furthermore, practicing online, from the comfort of your home, gives back the time that you would have spent going to and from class. For many, this solution has allowed yoga to be a positive part of their routine, without adding stress to find the time to practice. 

at home yoga routine

Another unique advantage of practicing online is the vast variety of content and classes, that suit every kind of practitioner from brand new beginners, to seniors, to new mothers, to fitness enthusiasts, to experienced and advanced yogis and on. There are countless styles to explore, a plentiful roster of talented teachers from all over the world, and top-quality instruction. There is also ample content to learn more about yoga instead of solely practicing the same routine and even a 200-hour online teacher training certification program. Regardless, if you're a brand new beginner, or experienced practitioner just wanting to maintain your yoga consistency, the investment of time is still often the biggest and realest obstacle between people's good intentions to practice, and them actually showing up regularly on their mat. 

While most online students choose an unlimited membership (also a much easier cost barrier than studio memberships) that gives them access to all classes on the site, many like to curate their collection and select different classes and programs a la carte style. The growing list of programs are often a collection of yoga classes with a specific purpose, such as Yoga and Ayurveda 101Yoga for Detox, and Yoga for Weight Loss.

Yoga Download also runs regular challenges. This is where students have the choice to commit to practicing one class every day for 14 or 21 days and receive a choice of daily classes to keep them on track! Because many of us are limited for time, Yoga Download is launching a 2-Week Yoga Challenge for Busy People. All classes in this 14-day challenge are between 15-30 minutes, making it perfect for a busy person that wants the benefits of yoga in their life. Students in this challenge also get to connect with other challengers from all over the world. If you've felt like you want to do more yoga, but it hasn't happened, this challenge will give you the boost you need to make it happen. The accountability and commitment of a challenge, keeps most motivated to see it through the end, and create real breakthroughs for themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The benefits of yoga are powerful, and all we have to do is practice to enjoy them.

Do You Accept the Challenge? 


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