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Meet the Tribe is an ongoing blog series where you’ll meet women who are leaders in their community and here at YogaClub. Our ambassadors, or Tribe Leaders as we call them, are fitness instructors, wellness professionals and just plain awesome women.

This Tribe Leader wears allllll the hats and honestly, we aren’t even surprised. Between her high energy and dedication to get stuff done, it’s no wonder she’s involved in so any roles. Based in Seattle, she teaches yoga, tends to her fitness fashion and activewear review blog, co-owns an organizational leadership company called The Moovment that works with foster youth, business owners and corporations, and works as a marketing specialist for a start-up. Out of breath? So are we.

Meet Alex Tran.

Alex Tran

Q: Let’s talk overall wellness. How do you maintain balance?

A: On one leg! Physically, it’s all about integration of all the body parts, especially my core and drishti (focal point). Mentally, it’s about approaching life with an open attitude and NEVER applying high expectations of anyone else in my life. I love to meet people where they are and if it’s not on the same path as me at the moment, that’s totally fine! I am OK with letting go and that has helped me maintain my sanity 100 percent!

Q: What’s your favorite thing about YogaClub?

A: The DEALS! After becoming a Tribe Leader, I am even more in love with YogaClub. Thanks for getting all these great women together to support one another. YogaClub is truly more than an outfit in a box.

Alex Tran

Q: How do you integrate healthy eating and mindfulness into your daily life?

A: YES! I sign up for Imperfect Produce and LOVE it. If you have an opportunity to, please buy ugly fruits and veggies. It prevents food waste and is cheaper than other alternatives.

I also substitute many things. Instead of eating rice, chop up and boil cauliflower instead. Now, you’ve got cauliflower rice!

Q: What advice can you give to someone looking to begin their fitness or wellness journey?

A: If you’re just starting out your fitness journey, ask your friends and family what it is they are doing and join them. We can hold one another accountable for our health and wellness. Once you’ve felt comfortable in your body, branch out and try other forms of fitness. I personally love weightlifting and yoga. It’s like a yin and yang balance, and totally works for me. Find out what works for you, that you LOVE doing, and stick to it! It’s okay if a particular exercise does not work out for you. Let it go so you can make space for something you will love. Fitness should always be fun!
Alex Tran

Q: What does being a Tribe Leader mean to you?

A: Leading people who are reflections of myself. They’re impacted by me because we have similar interests and respect one another. We are all one.

Q: Alright, let’s mix it up with some fun, quick fire questions. Do you have a quote or mantra that inspires you?

A: You are the product of the choices you make. AMIRITE?!

Q: What motivates you?

A: Continuous learning and exploration!.

Q: Fave YogaClub brands?
A: Niyama Sol and Manduka

Q: Do you open your box right away or wait until you need a pick me up?

A: I OPEN IT RIGHT AWAY. And sometimes even in front of a camera!

Q: Beach or mountains?

A: Beach

Q: Current obsession?
A: Building my brand! Who is Schimiggy? I’ll tell you...

You can learn more about Alex Tran by checking out her blog, her Instagram and her Facebook page.


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