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Here at YogaClub we work hard to partner with brands, people, and organizations that give back to their community and our planet.  We understand that it takes many hands to make a difference.  When you open your new box, we want you to fall in love with the pieces you receive, but we also want you to know that many of them work hard to give back as part of their mission.  We’re all about making the world a better place at YogaClub, and we’re inspired by other brands who want to help others too.  

Not only are many of our brands eco-friendly, using recycled materials to create their beautiful garments, but we also have brands that manufacture here in the United States reducing their carbon footprint, and brands that donate to charities. For our part, YogaClub gives one yoga class to a child in need for every box sold!

Want to know what’s special about these brands that give back and how they impact our world in a sustainable and giving way? Read on!

Recycled Water Bottles!

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Photo Credit: @Almondsandasana 

Teeki & Niyama Sol may be known for their fun prints, but they're also well-known for their recycling power.  Both brands make their clothing with material created from recycled water bottles, which is amazing considering there is a huge problem with water bottles clogging up our planet’s oceans, lakes, and rivers.  

Green Business

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Photo Credit: @Briannayoga_

Jala Clothing, based in LA has embraced a Green business model as part of their effort to give back.  In their offices they recycle pretty much everything and even stopped using heat and air conditioning to lower their eco footprint. They too have a collection, aptly named the Recycled Collection that uses materials made from recycled water bottles, which pulls the bottles out of the landfills where they take over 400 years to biodegrade.

USA Based

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One way companies can reduce their carbon footprint is to produce their products where their biggest customers are,  Both Nux & Onzie LA based companies manufacture all of their products here in the US.  This provides jobs here in the United States and cuts down on shipping costs and oversees transportation.  This means they are able to support the economy here in the US at the same time they are helping the planet!

Sustainable Production 

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Photo credit: @schun

Threads for Thought and Manduka have taken their clothing to a different level using is sustainable production methods and raw fibers like organic cotton and hemp, which require less water and pesticides than conventional materials.  They also use recycled polyester and plastics, and Modal Sun which is a man made fiber derived from beechwood that acts as sun protection, and Tencel, which is made from sustainably grown wood in a process that leaves no waste.  

It’s fascinating how these companies have taken the lead in creating sustainable fashion and are so invested in giving back. This is a big priority for YogaClub, and we seek out brands who make it a priority too!

About the Author

Clarissa is a E-RYT® 200, RYT® 500, YACEP® teaching weekly classes in the Quad Cities IL/IA since 2014.  She also travels extensively presenting workshops around the country and leading international retreats.  She teaches what might be considered Vinyasa style classes mostly but loves instructing beginners and teaching new innovative flows.  After a decade as a student Clarissa enjoys sharing what she has learned and helping her students shape their future through yoga and movement.  She has had a dedicated Ashtanga practice for over four years that has fueled her desire to learn and share the power of yoga with as many people as she can!  She loves being a YogaClub Tribe leader and the favorite brands she’s received are, Teeki, Nux, and Free People, though she can’t wait to try all the other brands!

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