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How to Style Your Yoga Pants for Brunch, Lunch and Everything Else Outside the Studio

Have you ever had a pair of yoga pants that were so darn cute, you wished you could wear them all day long? Now you can, thanks to big stars and fashion designers whose athletic-inspired clothing lines have made it acceptable to stay comfortable in your yoga pants all day.

But hang on just a minute. Before you run straight from the gym to the store to brunch with your best gal pal, here are some yoga pant-inspired wardrobe tips to help you stay occasion-appropriate for the best of everyday life.


1. Buy High-Quality Yoga Pants That Fit

If your leggings shift around a little during yoga class, people will be so focused on their own practice that they'll probably never even notice. But if you're going to wear your yoga pants out on the street, you want to know beyond a doubt that you'll look good -- so the first step is buying high-quality pants that fit right and won't fail the all-important squat test.

2. Play With Volume


If you're feeling playful, try offsetting the sleek fit of your yoga pants with something higher volume, like a long button-up shirt, a breezy, drapey top, a flirty, full mini skirt or a brightly colored chunky sweater. If you opt for a slim-fit shirt or blouse, you can add volume by wearing chunky boots or wearing an eye-catching piece of jewelry.

3. Use One Key Accessory

Focus on just one key accessory to build your look. That could mean a hot leather jacket for going out, a drapey knee-length cardigan for a cool-weather brunch or a belted tunic dress for a low-key professional look. Your yoga pants already set a sleek, sporty tone for your outfit, so whatever accessory you choose should complement and build on that.

4. Be Kind to Your Bum

Your butt looks great in those yoga pants. But brunch usually isn't the place for edgy style, so consider a nod to your modest Aunt Edna by opting for a longer top that covers your bum. That way, you can be sure that any looks you attract will be because of your awesome style, not your awesome glutes.

5. Start With Neutral Solids

Vibrant, patterned yoga pants are super fun for your practice, and we love them too. But if you're just getting started with the athleisure look, you'll probably be more comfortable with solid-colored yoga pants that can blend right in with all the skinny jeans out there. Once you're ready to stretch your style wings a bit, the next step is bright solids or neutral prints. And from there, it's all colors — and patterns — on deck.

6. Follow Seasonal Trends

Here's another tip, straight from the pages of Vogue: If you really want the "it" look that all the yoga pants-clad stars are sporting nowadays, keep an eye on seasonal trends. That can mean following trends from big-name designers who produce athletic wear — yes, this is totally a thing — or just keeping an eye on the latest seasonal clothing trends. Most recent trends, from brightly colored tunics to flowy peasant tops and strappy sandals, look great when paired with your favorite yoga pants.

Now for some great news. You don't even have to leave the house to find cute yoga pants that are on-trend and can take you everywhere, from morning asana to brunch and a soothing, candlelit practice at night. Just take our style quiz and choose the YogaClub membership level that best suits you. Every month, we'll send a hand-curated selection of the best yoga pants — and at some membership levels, other outfit pieces too — straight to your door.

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