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10 Reasons Why YogaClub Is the Perfect Holiday Gift

The holidays may be the most wonderful time of year, but holiday shopping can be stressful. You head out in the cold, navigate through traffic, and stand in long lines just to give a somewhat mediocre gift (Sweater? Socks? Not another generic gift card!). This year, you're totally off the hook. Give the gift of YogaClub and leave your shopping to us. Here are 10 reasons why a YogaClub box is the perfect gift for the fitness fashionista on your list.

Photo Credit: @Brookes_Yogi_

Save time.

Gift a YogaClub box and it will be delivered right to your loved one's door. You don't waste time picking out items in the store (that they don’t like and later return) and they don't have to go shopping for quality yoga gear. It's super convenient!

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Save money.

There's no better way to receive premium name brand activewear than with our subscription box. With YogaClub, you'll gift affordable yoga clothes and save as much as 60% off retail. Your best friend, wife or sister will be thrilled to receive such high-quality items — they'll think you've spent a fortune!

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Give a gift people actually want, but wouldn't buy for themselves.

The women in your life are so caring; they deserve a thoughtful holiday gift like our yoga apparel subscription. Plus, it will seem like you've read their minds: think of YogaClub as the gift they secretly want, but would never ask for and would never buy for themselves.

Photo Credit: @mara_yoga

Create a new yogi.

When a new yoga outfit arrives in the mail, your loved one will be motivated to put their stylish clothes to good use, which means doubling up on yoga classes. Whether they've been rolling out the mat for years or have just begun their yoga journey, you'll inspire them to keep at it.

Photo Credit: @almondsandasana

Promote healthy living.

With YogaClub, you encourage the people you care about to take better care of themselves. A regular yoga practice increases flexibility, reduces pain symptoms, promotes mindfulness, and even lifts the mood.

Photo Credit: @BrittanyJeanYoga

Be unique.

Depending on your loved one’s unique style, they will receive specialty name brand items that may not be available in local activewear or department stores. That way, they can really stand out.

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Get stylish, curated outfits.

Our stylists at YogaClub ask questions to help uncover the individual style, sizes, and preferences of our tribe. Then, we'll send out hand curated outfits that resemble just what you would pick out if you were doing the shopping yourself. If you don't like what we send, no worries. Exchanges are easy-peasy.

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Discover new products and brands.

Getting yoga apparel through YogaClub helps your loved ones stay on trend and in-the-know. Other yogis will be dying to know where they purchased such nifty leggings and tops.

Make a difference.

Purchasing a gift from YogaClub is a great way to give back while looking and feeling amazing. We stand behind our “One box, once class” promise that for every subscription box delivered, we donate a yoga class to a child in need.

Get inspired by the tribe.

Sure, YogaClub is a pretty pink box of yoga apparel, but it’s also a community. By giving the gift of YogaClub, you’re giving your loved one the opportunity to join a tribe of incredible women!

If you're anything like us, you enjoy saving time and money while still being a rockstar to your best friend, partner, or family member. They will wonder how you've managed to read their mind and give such a thoughtful and practical gift that they would never buy for themselves. Sign up now and give the best holiday gift to the women in your life: a YogaClub box!

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