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10 Cute Yoga Outfits to Get You Excited for Your Next Session

Your outward appearance may not be the most important thing in yoga class, but it’s hard to deny that most of us are drawn to cute activewear outfits and want to look good in class.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a few nice gym outfits – and harnessing that motivation to keep yourself going.

Exercising isn’t easy in the long term, and if brightening up and diversifying your yoga wardrobe keeps you engaged, that’s great!

Here are some of the top trends going on in the yoga world right now.

1. All Black

It’s the first thing you notice when shopping for yoga gear – color!

Sometimes, less is more when it comes to color, however. You really can’t go wrong with an all-black look when hitting the yoga studio.

Yoga is often associated with bright and bubbly colors, but actually, black is very “in” right now. Black is stylish, serious, and chic, and you can look amazing doing yoga in just plain black clothes.

You can pair black pants with a bright top or a pop of color in your hair if you choose to, or you can go full-on ninja style for your workout routine.

There are few ways to make yourself feel more badass than exercising in a sleek black outfit, and black’s also wonderfully versatile, so it makes a great addition to your gym gear.

You can wear black leggings or yoga pants for plenty of other forms of exercise too, so if you’ve decided you want to go blacked-out in 2021, you can keep things versatile.

2. Two Pieces

Next up, we have the two-piece. Two-piece yoga gear is also at the top of the charts, and it looks absolutely amazing. If you haven’t seen this yet, get on board. It’s the perfect way to create that “put together” look we all want to convey at the gym or studio.

There are many color options and styles, so if you want to just grab your yoga gear without having to spend time matching tops and bottoms, this is a great option. It’s usually made up of a matching top or sports bra and leggings, but there are endless variations. 

You can have a whole set of ready-to-go outfits that won’t require any time or effort in order to create the perfect aesthetic. Save time, save money, and put your athletic wear rotation on autopilot.

3. Prints and Pastels

The ever-popular bold prints and pastel prints can’t be forgotten. These are still very on-trend, so if you’re bored of the more serious neutrals, you’ve got plenty of other options.

Embrace a whole rainbow array of colors in your gym wardrobe to brighten up whatever mood strikes you on any given day.

Whether you like pale and plain or wild prints to spice up your routine, there are plenty of choices out there to suit pretty much every taste.

Add some funky and fresh prints to the mix to keep things fresh and novel!

4. Seasonal Shifts

We like yoga all 12 months of the year, which means switching styles to match the seasons.

A few suggestions include soft pastels for spring, cool shades for summer, busy prints for autumn, and perhaps warmer and darker tones for winter.

This will help you feel in the vibe with the planet, and it’s a great way to ensure you don’t get bored of your yoga routine from month to month.

You also get to enjoy outfits you haven’t worn for a while to mark the changing seasons. It makes sense if you do outdoor yoga and need different gear for certain times of the year!

Obviously, practicality comes first when it comes to choosing which fabric is right for your yoga gear, but there are still aesthetics to consider.

5. Mesh Tops and Pants

Mesh is becoming an increasingly popular fabric for yoga gear, as you might have noticed.

That might sound odd, but of course, the whole garment won’t be made of mesh - you needn’t worry about being over-exposed at the gym. A little goes a long way.

Mesh can add some cute patterns to your clothing and looks much more interesting than just a printed design.

It has a slightly futuristic feel and sets your gym clothes apart from the standard. If you want a really unique look, keep your eye out for yoga gear with mesh details.

Mesh is also practical as a fabric choice because it lets your skin breathe, allows sweat to evaporate, and keeps you cool! Why has it taken mesh so long to reach the mainstream? We’re glad it’s here to stay.

Furthermore, we’re also seeing more and more fabrics that can wick moisture away and offer a breathable experience at the same time.

So many brands are pushing the boundaries and trying to make their yoga gear the ultimate in comfort, so if you’re looking for some new yoga gear, check out reviews and think about how they’re going to feel as well as how they’re going to look.

6. Crop Pants for a Modern Twist

Full-length leggings are great, but we’re loving yoga pants that are cropped at the calf. Pair these with a cute top, and you’ve got a slim, capri-style outfit.

You’ll look much more modern and stylish than if you choose more traditional baggy yoga pants, so this is a good option if you’re not into the “hippie” look.

In the past, it may have been easier to get the movement and flexibility which yoga requires by choosing loose-fitting clothing, but now, with blended fabric and careful design, many close-fitting pants will actually be more comfortable.

Cropped pants are also good for doing other sports, but bear in mind that they won’t protect your calves or ankles.

7. Athletic Minimalism

You can also go for shorts and a top if you want a really athletic-looking outfit. The athleisure trend is still going strong in 2021, with no sign of slowing down.

Close-fitting shorts are great to do yoga in, provided they have been designed with flexibility in mind, and a sports bra will complete this outfit beautifully.

As long as your shorts are high-waisted, they shouldn’t slip while you’re stretching. These outfits are especially good for hot summer months when the temperatures rise.

Get that summer glow and work out at the same time – what could be better than that?

8. Tank Top and Crops

How much skin you like to show will probably determine what sort of yoga top you choose, but tanks and crop tops are so diverse, there’s something for everyone.

For the ultra-athletic fit that’s not as revealing as a sports bra, try a racerback tank top, which offers a nice level of comfort and coolness. This can be paired with three-quarter-length yoga leggings or even full-length ones if you prefer.

Some people like to add a loose hoodie or zip-up jacket on top of their gym gear, and there some great, soft garments that are ideal if you want to spice up your gym outfit.

When autumn and winter roll around, these extra layers will prove essential, especially if you’re traveling to and from a yoga class.

9. Total Full-Length Coverage

Sometimes, you don’t feel like showing skin, and that’s perfectly okay.

Long-sleeved yoga shirts with full-length yoga leggings are never a bad call.

Of course, you’ll want to choose very breathable fabrics for both tops and bottoms to prevent you from overheating during a workout. Done correctly, this pairing can be extremely stylish and on-trend while offering genuine comfort.

Long-sleeve yoga tops tend to be plain and form-fitting, so they can really flatter your physique while giving you the flexibility that you need. Keep a few in the rotation for cooler days or outdoor workouts, as well.

10. Slashed Style

A recent youthful and edgy trend puts slashes in the fabric of your leggings and tops. Just like the distressed denim trend, it’s coming to the world of yoga! It’s a casual twist to your attire, and it’s very on-trend.

Just bear in mind that you won’t want ties or cords dangling while you’re doing yoga, and you aren’t going to enjoy gym wear which involves a lot of fiddling to keep things in place.

Get yourself gear that is simple and stylish to get the best of all worlds.


There are so many great options that can keep you up to date with current yoga trends, and hopefully, these ideas have inspired some ideas for new outfits.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all, you might want to consider a subscription yoga clothes service that ships trendy, practical outfits right to your door.

Getting a box of yoga gear in the mail every month is a perfect way to keep yourself motivated and active, and can help inspire you to stay moving. Just fill out a quick quiz, and professional stylists put together a perfect outfit based on your input!

If you refresh your yoga routine with new looks and new styles, you’re more likely to enjoy your routine and want to keep going. Look good, feel good – that’s what matters most.



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