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8 Ways Yoga Improves Your Sex Life

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Getting better in the bedroom tops the list for many people who are asked what they would like to improve about their lives.  Be it their drive, their ability to perform, or their emotional connections during and after; a happy and healthy life when the lights go down is something that is on the minds of many. 

And while many will argue it's not impossible to over-train when it comes to getting better in bed--you don't have to have to limit your workout to the bedroom.  One way to help better your sex life is with yoga.
Here is what it can do. 

Better Flexibility

Flexibility is useful during sex, even if you aren't trying the more exotic positions. Flexibility makes it so your muscles can quickly work in situations and in ways that are different from the usual daily routine of standing and walking.

 If you get the occasional Charlie horse from regular sexual positions, try doing Yoga. It is guaranteed to help. 

Focus Your Energy

The world is full of distractions. The usual cacophony of bells and whistles is enough to handle.  Throw in all the little problems and tasks we must contend with before turning in for the night, and it becomes easy to understand why so many of us are distracted when it’s time to perform.

One of the things Yoga teaches you is to focus your mental energy in the direction you want it to go. You learn to only give attention to the concerns you want to have your attention.

 This helps sex in two ways. For one, you are less distracted in a general sense. Second, it allows you to focus solely on the pleasure you and your partner are about to receive.

 Get Rid of Anxiety

 Anxiety is one of the banes of human existence that we all experience from time to time. Our lives are busier and jammed with work, caring for the family, keeping up with our friends and other social obligations.

 It can be hard to juggle it all, and any given day can lay a dozen little things on us to worry about. This anxiety can eat away at our health and our enjoyment of life – including sex.

Yoga helps get rid of this anxiety by giving you a better frame of mind where you can see your problems aren’t as bad as you first thought.

 Yoga is Sensual

Something that separates Yoga from other exercise programs is that Yoga is also an experience that touches us on a personal level. Weight lifting, aerobics, or an hour on the Stairmaster are just a physical activities. Some people may use these types of exercise to zone out and achieve some peace of mind.

But zoning out during a workout is different than Yoga because the desire to zone out is something that you bring to that exercise. It isn't naturally built into the exercise.

Yoga includes a spiritual introspection that is also sensual in nature. You become more aware of yourself and others, and that includes sexuality and intimacy.

Build Emotional Wellbeing

Yoga is more than exercise. It is also a spiritual practice. Practitioners find themselves at peace with their thoughts and feelings which give them a more balanced and centered outlook on life. With this clarity, a person can better focus on things that are important to them such as their sex life.

 Love, Happiness, and Yoga

Yoga focuses a person's energy into the more positive emotions such as compassion and love. Sex is more than sheer lust. It is best when two people can emotionally connect on a deep level.

Yoga makes having those connections easier as well as making them stronger when they occur.

Improve Core Strength & Spinal Health

Sex is a strenuous physical activity, even at the most basic positions. To be good at it, you must be in good shape. The key to being physically adept and active is to have a strong core and spine.

We may move with our legs and push and pull with our arms, but it is our core that keeps everything together. Yoga builds up a person's core and spine, which comes in handy for most sexual positions.

Fitness Builds Confidence

Yoga is an excellent way to get fit, and being fit and active has been proven to have numerous benefits. Exercise, in general, will increase the libido in both men and women, plus it will give you a better body.

Looking good is a major step to feeling good, and the boost in confidence that comes with it will carry over into our sex lives. You already got the Yoga pants, so you might as well look good in them.


Everyone thinks about sex. Even those of you who think you are good at sex think about getting better.  Improving bedroom performance applies to everyone.  Why?  Simple--sex can never be too good. 

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