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Yogis Are Saying Goodbye to the Studio and Hello to Outdoor Yoga. Here's Why.

outdoor yoga

While yoga has grown in popularity rapidly over the past decade, trends within the practice are popping up left and right. Currently, outdoor yoga is becoming more and more prevalent, allowing practitioners to soak up the sun and enjoy noises of nature.

Especially now that the summer is in full swing, there’s even more reason to head outdoors to strike a yoga pose. In this article, we explore the benefits of practicing yoga outside and what is enticing yogis far and wide to do just that.

Unlimited Outdoor Yoga Space

Do you ever find yourself rushing from work to your nightly yoga class to ensure you get a good spot for your mat? When you practice outside, you don’t need to compete for floor space. The openness of the outdoors ensures that you have as much space as you need to fully soak in the effects of a class without the rush or being stuck in the back of the class.

It Acts as a Mental Reset

Believe it or not, becoming one with nature goes deeper than just having physical benefits. Exercising outdoors in general has been shown to have a positive effect on one’s mental health when compared to working out indoors. In fact, Huffington Post notes in a recent study that outdoor physical activity had a 50 percent greater positive effect on mental health than going to the gym alone. Outdoor physical activity also improves your concentration and focus, provides you with more energy, and proves to be an effective way to manage your weight.

outdoor yoga

It Helps you Push Your Boundaries

When you are an avid yoga practitioner, it can be easy to fall into a rut when it comes to your normal routine. Taking your regime outside can serve as an easy way to mix things up and to push yourself to grow within the practice. If you’re looking to master a new and more advanced pose or if you’re simply looking to meditate in a more effective way, a change of scenery could be just the ticket.

Keep in mind that outdoor yoga doesn’t just mean yoga in the park - you can get creative and do it in a forest, on the top of a mountain, or anywhere in between! Enjoy a sunset, a full moon, or a sunrise by practicing outdoors, all while growing your skills in the process.

It’ll Help You be Zen

The purpose of yoga is to challenge your body both physically and mentally, and to center yourself while practicing. Doing yoga outdoors allows you to focus solely on reaching that level of “zen” that you set out to achieve when you hit the mat. Outside of the studio, there are fewer distractions. Instead, it is a minimalist activity that allows one to hone in on the connection between themselves and yoga that helps to truly achieve the benefits that yoga has to offer.

You Can Practice Anywhere

Gone are the days of requiring a professional instructor in order to squeeze yoga into your life. Being able to practice outside means that you can practice anytime, anywhere, and at no cost to you. Whether you have limited time or hours to spare, you’ll be able to get a dose of exercise, wellness, and vitamin D all mixed together as close as in your backyard.

outdoor yoga

As you can see, outdoor yoga is quite appealing - even if it’s just for the enjoyment of the beauty of the great outdoors alone. Say “om” at your favorite outdoor location and we can guarantee that you’ll love spending the time outside as well as the benefits that come along with practicing outside of the studio.

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