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Yoga Lifestyle: Tips for Parents to Keep their Daily Practice Sacred

sacred space at home

Mothers need the same care they provide, but many moms don’t feel they have the time or energy to nurture their own bodies and souls in the same way they so generously give to their families.

Mother’s Day is next month. And in honor of mothers across the globe, we’re giving a voice to help mom find her own peace, tranquility and meditative grace. Moms, you deserve relaxation and a gentle break from crazy.

Here are a few ways that moms can take time for themselves—through yoga and meditation—without guilt and treasure a few moments of quiet to count blessings, relax or just find a center.

Schedule the sacred.

Yes, it sounds counterintuitive to schedule peace and meditation. Shouldn’t it just be natural and spontaneous?

For busy parents, taking time for meditation and yoga practice needs to be scheduled. And the best time to schedule relaxation through yoga is after the kids go to sleep. Keep their bedtimes at a reasonable hour, so mom can have plenty of time to relax and stretch her body. Scheduling yoga and meditation during bed time also ensures less disruption and complete quiet.

Be mindful during stressful times.

Yoga and meditation aren’t just about the actual practice of the postures. The mindfulness of yoga and meditation also guides daily life stresses. The secret, however, is habit. During times of stress--that burning roast, the kids fighting with each other, the job calling during dinner—remember to breathe. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Relax the body. Be mindful of the moment, because the crazy will subside.

sacred space at home

Appreciate the small things.

Motherhood is filled with moments of bliss, heartbreak, laughter and frustration. Raising kids is the ultimate mixed bag of surprise. You never know what the next moment will hold. But the heart tugging moments are worth every bedtime battle, tantrum and eyeroll.  Try to remain mindful during the day…even though it can be difficult. Mindfulness is living in the moment, which helps us appreciate the little things as they happen. Watch for smiles. Take time to listen to the school day stories. Appreciate the little nuances that hide in the everyday chaos. Because they are there…sometimes we just get too overwhelmed to notice.

Find your joy.

Life is about love. We don’t live to simply exist. During yoga practice, focus on the moment. Find your center. During meditation, hold a thought or an image in your mind. Let your mind be still. Allow images of joy to fill your mind. And aim to discover what brings you the most joy in your life. Just allow yourself to experience peace and happiness.

sacred space at home

No one is perfect, and there is absolutely no example of the perfect mother. Let the idea of perfection fade. Embrace and accept that mistakes happen. When practicing yoga postures, focus on strengthening the body and the soul. Appreciate the strength of your body and what it can do. Allow the mind to find peace, gratitude and happiness.

Moms must find the time to savor peace and decompress. While mom is devoted to everyone’s demands and schedules, she’s often ignoring her own needs. Amidst the chaos of families, jobs and other obligations, schedule in yoga practice and meditation to calm and strengthen the body and the mind.

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