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What's in Her Fitness Box? Find Out in These New Unboxing Videos

her fitness box

Subscription boxes have risen in popularity over the past few years, and they’re a trend that’s here to stay. That’s no surprise!  They’re fun to receive, they make curating a collection of new apparel, accessories, or products a breeze, and they’re the perfect way to try and find new pieces to add to your wardrobe.

YogaClub has taken advantage of this stellar trend, offering our customers a simple way to get all the best yoga clothing items and accessories in a convenient manner and at an affordable price. The best part? Our stylists are real people who take the time to customize each box to match your preferences— from sizing, fit, style, colors, and patterns.

To give you a feel for what the boxes that magically show up at your door (awesome, we know) are like, we’ve highlighted some YogaClub monthly subscription “unboxing” videos, showing you what these fitness boxes include and why they’re a great investment for every yogi!

Jessica Carroll’s Unboxing

Jessica opens her unboxing video by sharing how she found herself envying the workout outfits of a fellow gym goer, and she finally asked her where she was procuring her style, only to find out she was receiving it in a YogaClub subscription box! Jessica knew she had to try it.

Jessica’s package included a Free People white sports bra, bright coral yoga pants, and a gray cover-up by Threads 4 Thought. Jessica also shared her experience working with one of our YogaClub stylists, who asked her questions surrounding what colors and patterns she gravitates towards as well as what workouts she participates in, using that information to develop her perfectly curated personalized box.

One of the things that Jessica loved about is that her fitness box introduced her to new brands she may not otherwise have tried. Finally, she raved about the value that this box presented, allowing her to enjoy products that are high quality and that make her feel confident every time she hits the gym!

Makeup by Kimm’s Unboxing

Kimm received her first ever fitness box through YogaClub and showed off her gear in this unboxing video. She loved the overall packaging of the box, complete with aspirational messages written inside. The first item was a Cozy Orange t-shirt in a bright color, featuring an oversized fit. The second item she received was a fashionable-yet-functional Free People black sports bra with a mesh overlay for some extra flair. Her third and final item was a pair of cropped black leggings by Steve Madden that offered a flattering fit with quality, quick-drying material perfect for an intense yoga class.

Like Jessica’s unboxing video, Kimm shares how she enjoyed working with one of our YogaClub stylists and she thinks they hit the nail on the head when it came to creating the perfect outfit to match her style and workout needs.

Simply Ney’s Unboxing

Ney received a YogaClub subscription box in the mail and shared via her unboxing video what the package included and talked about her overall experience. She noted that she felt like a “celebrity” having one of our stylists work with her to match her signature style. Ney was impressed with the packaging of the box and she enjoyed reading the quotes that the physical box incorporated. She absolutely loved the term “nama-slay”!

The first item in Ney’s box was an evergreen sports bra made by Nux, and her second item was a pair of matching leggings — making for a seriously stylish outfit. Finally, her box included a slouchy and oversized long-sleeved shirt. Ney couldn’t resist bragging about what a great experience she had with YogaClub, and as an avid yogi, she recommended trying it to all of her followers!

YogaClub’s fitness boxes are versatile, convenient, and fun to receive. The element of surprise associated with a subscription box makes it a new adventure each month, and we think that you’ll love the quality and value that these boxes present once you try it for yourself!

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