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What Yoga Brands Offer Organic Yoga Pants?

organic yoga pants

These days, it can feel like living a healthy life just isn’t in the cards. Your cell phone may (or may not) cause cancer. Pesticides and other chemicals are an unfortunate mainstay in our agriculture. And according to a 2014 Greenpeace study, several of the companies that put clothes on our backs are pumping their products full of toxic chemicals!

The more we learn about the manufacturing practices of the things we use, the more difficult it can seem to give yourself and your family a truly healthy life. However, there are solutions out there, if you know where to look. If you’re looking for a way to avoid the chemicals in your clothing, for example, you can always shop organic.

organic yoga pants

What is Organic Clothing?

The idea of “organic” or “eco-friendly” clothing is foreign to many people. The term “organic” seems limited to produce in our modern lexicon; even a Google search for the word leads first to a website about organic food, rather than the dictionary definition. But anything can be organic, as long as it is “derived from living matter” - i.e., free from those man-made chemicals we love to sprinkle over our products.

Eco-friendly clothing comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Sometimes, the product is merely made with organically-grown (aka pesticide free) cotton. Sometimes it is made from recycled materials like water bottles. Most importantly, these products come from companies who value healthy, sustainable materials, and who understand how important they are for both the planet and for you.

So, if you were interested in buying organic yoga pants, where would you begin? Here are a few brands that can provide you with a eco-conscious pair of pants you’ll want to live in:

Yoga Brands That Love Organic

Soul Flower

With their simple, yet beautiful designs and breathable, stretchy fabrics, Soul Flower’s organic yoga collection will quickly become a staple in your wardrobe. The company offers yoga pants in a variety of styles, from stirrup pants (for an asana with a mid-80s flair) to skirted leggings.

Best of all, every Soul Flower product is completely eco-friendly! The company uses GMO-free cotton, hemp or recycled materials to create their yoga pants - so you can feel comfortable and confident in your purchase.


The folks at Manduka have married natural resources with man-made technology to create yoga clothing that is as eco-conscious as it is durable. Along with GMO-free cotton and organic hemp, this company uses recycled polyester and sustainably-grown wood to create gorgeous yoga pants that stretch, breathe, and wick away moisture. Seriously--these people know how to make leggings!

Manduka offers yoga gear for both women and men, not to mention a wide variety of mats, blocks, and other accoutrements straight out of a yogi’s dream. We really love them here at YogaClub- so much, in fact, that we try to spread the word about them with our very own products. Their incredible selection is available in our monthly boxes!

organic yoga pants

Green Apple

At Green Apple, the name of the game is bamboo. This company creates their fabrics from GMO-free cotton and organically-grown bamboo--a winning combination that creates cozy and buttery-soft yoga pants you’ll never want to take off.

Green Apple can also help you spice up your yoga attire! They offer tons of different fits and styles from full length leggings and tight, fitted shorts to flared leg pants and even a slacks that would look at home in any office. With this company’s merchandise in your closet, you can live comfortably--and free from harmful chemicals--all around the clock.


Another favorite (and featured brand) of YogaClub, Teeki takes an eco-friendly stance that’s a little different from its predecessors on this list. The company strives to save our planet by making landfills just a little emptier - which is why every product in Teeki’s collection is made from recycled plastic water bottles.

Not only do they work hard to make an environmental impact, Teeki transforms bottles from plain old plastic into perfect prints, creating some of the most fun-looking yoga pants we’ve ever seen. These is the kind of yoga gear made especially for the yogi that wants to have fun with his or her practice.   

When you put on a pair of yoga pants from these brands, you’re doing much more than just getting dressed. You’re taking a stand against the dangerous practices of our textile industry. You’re doing a small part to help save the planet.You’ll be sure to turn heads--and once you have all eyes on you, you can spread the word about healthier organic fabrics!

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