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How to Keep Your Yoga Practice During the Holidays

The holidays can be a little crazy which is why it is so important to stay with your yoga practice. This doesn’t mean that you have to have a full 60-75 min flow planned out for yourself everyday. Instead, think of your time practicing as your time to tune in and care for yourself during this time of giving to others.

One thing that I hear the most when I tell my friends they should still practice at home when they’re unable to make it to the studio is that they don’t know what to do. As a yoga teacher this kind of kills me because my goal is to help you find the place in your practice where you feel that you can do some part of the flow on your own at home to continue your practice.

If you ever feel lost on where to start your home practice, start with sun salutations and let your practice creatively grow from there! Listen to what your heart is drawn to, be guided by your intuition of what is going to feel good and know that you are by yourself so it doesn’t matter if your practice is messy!

The more that you take your practice home the more you will grow on your yoga and spiritual journey because you’re taking the time to trust in yourself and to care for yourself. All you need is maybe five minutes or more out of your day. It doesn’t matter when you want to practice, you could chose a few minutes in the morning or evening, perhaps you chose both!

When you take the time to be present for yourself this holiday season, you’re creating the space to be present for your friends and family. You're taking a step back from what craziness the holidays may bring to find stillness.

Listen to your soul, be guided by your heart and heal from the flow that is unique to you.

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Megan Eastburn is a yoga teacher and YogaClub Ambassador. Megan started practicing yoga in 2008 and received her 200-hour Akhanda YTT in 2015 with Breathe Yoga and Wellness in Pensacola, Florida. Her yoga practice has helped her find a deeper sense of connection to herself, and through teaching yoga, she has found the confidence to embrace her voice. Megan teaches a variety of yoga classes including hot, beginner, partner and acro-yoga classes. She loves to share what brings life into her life on her blog:


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