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Great Yoga Apparel for Women to Translate from Street to Studio

yoga apparel for women

When athleisure wear first appeared on the market, it was scoffed at by some who didn’t believe comfortable clothing could exist outside of an extremely casual setting. We wore certain clothes to the office, certain clothes on other outings, and saved the sweats or yoga gear for the gym, studio, or at home doing the heavy chores.

However, that is all starting to change as more big-name designers are getting in on the athleisure trend. Starlets like Gigi Hadid and Sandra Bullock have been candidly photographed in their yoga pants, and fans began following suit. Designers responded by making yoga styles that can be worn anywhere, not just the gym or the studio. This is making this year one where athleisure wear rules the streets as well as the studio!

Here are some of this year’s best athleisure wear trends.

Mix and Match

The best part about the athleisure wear trend is that the colors, styles, and prints complement so many other clothes that almost anything in your wardrobe can be matched to your yoga gear. Use yoga pants as leggings with a short dress and a casual blazer for a great office look that can be stripped down to just yoga pants and a crop top when you go to the gym. Or wear the bodysuit from the gym with a flare skirt and some wedges for lunch with the girls after a good workout.

Function Meets Fashion

The “ath-” part refers to working out, and the “leisure” part is about being able to do things in comfort. The original intent of athleisure wear was to provide comfortable clothing to workout in, but also fashionable enough to wear beyond the yoga studio or gym. Flattering cuts, bold patterns, and chic embellishments have appeared, giving us athleisure we can’t just hide in the home or locker-room. Try not to pair more decorative shoes, accessories or jewelry, however. A great athleisure look keeps function in mind, and too many ornate accessories can clash. A colorful print on yoga pants or a crop top can be paired with a solid-colored wrap for a sporty but feminine on-the-go look.

yoga apparel for women

Clothes to Build Your Look Around

A few items that can be the foundation of an entire outfit are:

    • Crop tops and bralettes: with innovative contours and great colors, add a skirt and an overshirt and catch a movie after yoga class.
    • Cool jackets: technology is bringing us new fabrics that are designed to look great, whether you’re jogging or shopping. A bomber jacket can be matched up with a graphic tee to compliment leggings and boots to get through those cool nights.
    • Tropical prints: A print bodysuit with a jacket and tennis shoes can go on the town, and you can replace those with a wrap skirt and some sandals for a poolside cocktail party.
yoga apparel for women
  • Bold colors: yoga apparel used to be muted colors, but no more. Bright colors and even whites have found their way into the studio. With all the colors you have available, your street wardrobe and your workout wardrobe can be better friends than ever before!

With all the great looks this season, finding the right one for you should be as easy as opening your closet. Yoga apparel and athleisure wear has gone mainstream, and is bringing with it a wave of fashion that will have you looking awesome both on and off the mat!

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