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6 Reasons to Quit the Gym & Join a Yoga Studio

Gym memberships are easy to get, but how often do you actually use it? How many times do you go to the gym each week or month? Is it used or forgotten about until you receive your monthly bank statement? If you are actively using your gym membership then kudos to you! But unfortunately, you’re the minority! Currently, two thirds of people who have a gym membership let it go unused. There’s another option — joining a yoga studio!

yoga poses for flexibility and strength

The objective of this post isn’t to persuade you to call and cancel your gym membership. It is to present an additional opportunity that might help you accomplish your goals through another source that may also revolutionize your life.


A yoga studio is built around community. Moved to a new city? Looking to build your tribe full of people on new life adventures? Or, do you want to go to a new place where no one knows you so you can reinvent yourself? Join a yoga studio. Yoga studios have an incredible sense of community because they’re invested in taking care of and fostering the growth of its members. There are even “community” classes taught by new yoga teachers that may be free or donation-based.

Make a Difference

Many studios also hold fundraising events which present a chance to meet people with the same interests as you. There are also many different projects that are popping up at yoga studios including VYP (Veterans Yoga Project and AYP (Africa Yoga Project). You can find something that is close to you heart, get involved and make a difference through yoga.  

yoga poses for flexibility and strength

Get Inspired

Another benefit of a yoga studio is that you’ll be with a group of like-minded people. These people may help you learn to eat healthier, learn about therapeutic concepts, or inspire you during your practice.


Unlike your gym membership, your practice does not disappear. If you don’t show to class people will ask where you’ve been. If you hurt your shoulder you might skip the gym, but with yoga there are variations or modifications that will allow you to still carry on without quitting.  By joining a studio a seed will be planted. The yogi community will help water it. Your teacher will feed it. You’ll grow. Your mind will bloom and you’ll become more rooted to your mat with each session.

yoga poses for flexibility and strength

It’s Trending

Although yoga has been around for more than six thousand years, it’s just beginning to become popular. Yoga is so trendy that there are now more than 20 different types. With the rise of yoga’s popularity, including children who are involved in their parents practice the movement is just starting. Many celebrities including Jennifer Aniston, Adam Levine and Robert Downey Jr. have been photographed in an asana or on their way to or from yoga. It should come as no surprise that there are celebrities that love yoga. Being in the spotlight day in and out can take a toll on your mental and physical shape. Between busy schedules and the day-to-day grind, it’s not easy to keep things in focus. Yoga is great for keeping the mind and body in tune with each other and that is why these celebrities devote time to their practice.

yoga poses for flexibility and strength

Achieve Your Goals

When you sign up for a gym you might have an intention either to lose (insert amount of weight) or (insert lift a certain weight). Perhaps you want to get swole or get bikini ready for spring. Signing up and showing up to the gym doesn’t make those things happen. Compared to a yoga studio where you pay for a class you will complete a 60-90 minute of practice. This might even be in a room full of other people that could have the same goals as you. Practicing yoga creates a different outlook on life and is for any skill level.

Anybody, whatever shape, size or age can do yoga. You may find your goals switching from looking a certain way to feeling a certain way. A teacher may bring attention to something internally that you want to work on verses something externally. Above all, yoga will give you a greater sense of body awareness while connecting the mind and body. So, what are you waiting for? Go check out your local studio today!

About the Author

Brooke Shober is a YogaClub ambassador, former U.S Army veteran, mom of two, YTT200 power vinyasa, Challenger Yoga studio owner. She loves any type of fitness and is close to finishing her B.S in Exercise Science.

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