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Get premium brand yoga pants from YogaClub's most popular brand partners at an amazing price.

Avg. Retail Value $70-$100
Love Guaranteed Cancel Anytime Easy Returns
Every month get a pair of premium brand yoga pants to your doorstep for an unbeatable price. Whether you’re on the mat or at brunch, your YogaClub stylist will make sure that you’re looking your best and feeling great.
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The YogaClub box is stylishly created with big name brands you’ll love at a value you won’t believe.

Stephanie T.
"Got my first box and there was a pair of Teeki leggings that would've cost more than the whole box by themselves. I got a top from a brand I didn't know and it was so soft - Cozy Orange. The third item was a tote I didn't really need, but it is a nice item I can give as a gift. Overall - I love subscription boxes and can't wait for my next one to arrive!"
Brianna S.
"I loved my first box! The shipping was really fast I think it took a week or less to get to my doorstep. My teeki leggings I got are light weight and the material is breathable, perfect for warm or hot yoga! Everything fit well and I am looking forward to getting my next box."
Janice W.
"Just received my first box but so far so good! I would have never picked out the pants on my own, but LOVED them. Wore all three pieces within 48 hours of receiving the shipment!"
Molly P.
"I loved the pieces I got in my box, the pants are so cute, comfortable and a great quality. The top is as well! So happy!"
Ana P.
"Loved the green pattern yoga pants and the tank top I received this month! Can't wait for my next box to arrive!"
Missy W.
"I love love love the leggings and shirt this month! The leggings couldn't be more comfortable and the heather shirt matches perfectly. I love that I can now feel put together while getting my workout on!"

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100% Hand Curated

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