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6 Brands of High-Quality Yoga Pants That Aren't Lululemon

When you're into yoga, you need a steady supply of comfortable, flexible clothing that lets you move any way you want at any time. But if you're going to stock up on yoga pants, you need products you can afford, and certain big brands -- like Lululemon -- don't always fit that description.


Well, your bank account will be glad to hear that when you sign up with YogaClub, you get a new shipment of yoga clothing every month for as little as $45! Our selection of brands includes some of the most well-respected names in the yoga apparel world. The following is just a sampling of the brands you'll get discovered with when you sign up with YogaClub.


1. Teeki

So many yogis are passionate about the environment that an eco-friendly brand of yoga pants makes total sense. Enter Teeki, the brand that turns used water bottles into amazing yoga pants. Not only are they good for the Earth, they're also good for your skin since they're breathable and moisture-wicking. Plus, they're made in the USA and shipped right to your doorstep in one of your future YogaClub boxes!

2. Onzie

Looking for simple yoga gear that just works? Onzie may be right for you. Its founder is a big fan of Bikram yoga, so you can be sure this high-quality, affordable yoga clothing will withstand the toughest, sweatiest workouts. If you want yoga clothes that will last for years, no matter how hard you go, Onzie is the brand you'll be glad to get in your YogaClub box.

3. Vestem

If you like the idea of comfortable spandex pants with fresh, fun designs, Vestem is your brand. The Brazilian fitness apparel company makes more than strictly yoga pants. It offers a full line of breathable tank tops, shorts, skirts, dresses, leggings, jackets, and even bags. Whether you're settling down for a long yoga practice or trying out some kickboxing at the gym, Vestem apparel lets you keep moving comfortably.


4. Jala

If you like brands that are native to the U.S., check out Jala. Based in Los Angeles, this brand of yoga apparel is environmentally and socially responsible. For example, Jala strategically works with small, family-owned suppliers that use locally sourced materials as much as possible. Of course, there's a collection of recycled yoga pants made with none other than recycled water bottles. And you can be sure the materials in these yoga pants won't irritate your skin, because the EPA has verified that they don't have irritants in them.


5. Nux

Want athletic apparel that's comfortable whether you're riding a bike, running or doing yoga? Nux will appeal to you. Its activewear is form-fitting, breathable and stays dry. In addition, these clothes are seamless, meaning you won't have stitching rubbing against your skin as you work out. The extra support in the high quality material Nux uses is perfect for everything from sports bras to yoga pants, so check out this brand's wide selection of yoga apparel for women.

6. Manduka 

This is another yoga apparel brand that puts extra effort into protecting the environment. One of Manduka’s goal is to be as waste-free as possible, so it's no wonder each of its towels has eight or more recycled water bottles incorporated into the material. This way, you get durable, comfortable towels for yoga class and the landfills get rid of some of their waste. Manduka also makes it a point to use raw fibers whenever possible, and yet this brand's yoga pants are known for being breathable and moisture-wicking enough to keep you comfortable during any workout. It's a win/win!


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